Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Tale of Two Weekends

Project Footlight had a smashing inaugural performance Monday night.  After brainstorming and writing over a single weekend in February, eighteen musical theater writers created a full-length musical in three perspectives on a theme.   Each act of the musical (Mei Yu, Dead Man BloggingOffice Babe) describes the journey of the lonely and unfulfilled American finding a kind of instant fame on the Internet that reinvents the landscape of their personal relationships.  This past weekend, the Project Footlight company and crew collaborated with the writers to learn and interpret the material.  After a marathon rehearsal period of two and a half days, the company performed the musical in a staged reading format for an audience of friends, family, and Project Footlight fans.  Thanks to an extremely talented cast, two awesome stage managers, the wonderful writers, a superb pianist, and of course Dixon Place for making this improbable and exhilarating experiment in musical theater possible.

Read more about this year's show, learn about the writers, cast, and production team, and get to know the venue.  Stay tuned to the blog for upcoming events and Project Footlight participant news.  If you are a producer, director, or musical director with an interest in developing new musical writers and their work, let's chat.  And last but not least, help us continue to grow by contributing to Dixon Place!


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